Environmental Documents

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The Role Of The DPW Environmental Division

The role of the DPW Environmental Division and Natural Resources Division is to be Fort Rucker's technical environmental liaison between the state and federal regulatory agencies and the Fort Rucker community. Because environmental regulations are complex and constantly changing, our role is to execute or facilitate the procedures necessary to obey the law without interrupting or degrading the Fort Rucker mission or the quality of life of the workforce, students, and residents. We provide guidance, training, and other support necessary for Fort Rucker to sustain its mission while also protecting the environment.

We continue to face environmental challenges in the face of budget cuts and shrinking resources. One of our largest challenges that goes far beyond compliance is to ensure we have the clean air, clean water, and training lands needed in the future to sustain our mission and support our post workforce and residents. We can successfully meet all of our challenges now, and in the future, through smart management and long term planning.