Parts Washer Management

Clarus Parts Washers

As part of a hazardous waste minimization project, Fort Rucker purchased Clarus parts washer machines that have an integrated filtration system.  This filtration system extends the life of the solvent by removing contaminants that would otherwise decrease the solvency.  The machines have replaced the leased machines that were previously used on the installation.  Successful implementation of this initiative was seen during the first year of operation.  That year, annual solvent waste was reduced by approximately 90%, and annual operating and life cycle costs were reduced by approximately 80%.   

The solvent that is currently used in the parts washers is New II PRF680,Type 2, manufactured by Ecolink (NSN 6850-01-474-2316).   

Maintenance and Repair

The HMCC visually inspects the parts washers monthly, including the fluid level and the filter pressure.  The HMCC personnel will add solvent as necessary and change solvent by request.  Low fluid in the machines is indicated by an "add 5 gallons" level on the fluid indicator or spitting and/or gurgling when attempting to use the equipment.

Fort Rucker replaced most of the parts washer machines in May 2016.  At that time, the parts washer machines were assigned to each user/organization on their property book.  Therefore, it is each user/organization responsibility for replacing parts that wear out during use and for any repairs that are necessary to the parts washer that are out of service.

Common maintenance required on the parts washer is a filter change, which is indicated when the filter pressure gauge is over 40 psi.  Once you have procured the correct parts for the filter change, users may submit a DA Form 2407 through Pride to have the repairs (i.e., filter change) completed.  

DPW-ENRD is responsible for tracking the P2 benefits of the Clarus Parts Washer program and for managing any wastes generated by the parts washers.  If you coordinate a filter change with Pride, please notify DPW-ENRD at 334-255-1024, so that we may handle the waste accordingly.