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Environmental Education & Training


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EMS Training

Two types of training are required as part of the Fort Rucker EMS - awareness training and competence-based training.  Awareness training is required for all personnel on Fort Rucker and focuses on ensuring a general understanding on the EMS.  The EMS Awareness Training Procedure includes information about how Fort Rucker is accomplishing this training.
Competence-based training is required for all personnel that have the potential to cause a significant environmental impact.  Fort Rucker has documented the various types of competence-based training conducted on the installation and has developed a procedure to address this component of the EMS.  

Environmental Officer and Environmental Point of Contact (EPOC) Training

A Fort Rucker policy memorandum requires the various organizations on post to each appoint at least one Environmental Officer or Environmental Point of Contact (E-POC). Environmental Officers must attend the  16-hour course with six months of appointment.  The Environmental Officers must attend a four-hour refresher course annually.  EPOCs must also attend this refresher course within six months of appointment.  The training is free of charge and is offered during normal duty hours on Fort Rucker.  The training covers information regarding responsibilities to ensure compliance with environmental regulations as well as information about the Environmental Management System (EMS). 

Hazardous Waste (HW) Training

Spill Prevention and Response Training

At least once per year, all units or organizations (including contractors) must provide initial or update training for all employees who handle or use hazardous materials, hazardous waste, and/or oil/fuel of any type in quantities equal to or greater than 1 quart at a time (this requirement does not include refueling a ground vehicle at a fuel pump). New employees must not be allowed to perform any operations involving hazardous materials, hazardous waste, or oil/fuel without direct supervision until they receive training. Training will, at a minimum, cover the following subjects:

  1. Installation Spill Contingency Plan (ISCP) requirements
  2. General requirements of the SPCC Plan
  3. Container-specific requirements of the SPCC Plan applicable to their assignments
  4. The document posted above describes the training requirements in more detail.

This training is required to meet federal and state regulations and is very important.

Other Training Support

Contact Information

Environmental Officer Course
(334) 255-1653
Understanding Hazardous Waste Training Requirements
(334) 255-1024
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